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All Wales Gathering - Trefeglwys - 21 September 2014
Richard Adamo
Report by Clare Chard, Regional Officer

From the floor and the mats
The All Wales Gathering held at Trefegwlys was a very enjoyable experience this year, and thanks go to Sandra James (CR Dyfed) for making this happen. The format was somewhat different inasmuch as we held the annual general meeting first, so only those interested in attending the meeting needed to arrive early.
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It was encouraging to note that everyone turned up to attend the meeting and what a brilliant meeting it was, with so many of the members taking part from the floor, expressing their concerns and wishes. Without this interaction the committee cannot function, so thank you to everyone for your suggestions and ideas.

Sandra also organised a couple of market stands, one being a visit from the Mandala Ashram tutors, who displayed their wares and informed us of what was going on at the Ashram and offered their services for any future events. We also saw the return of Tracy from North Wales displaying her organic soaps and creams; so with the Mandala Ashram CDs playing softly in the background to everyone sampling the lotions and potions, the atmosphere was compassionate and peaceful...which was completely different from the atmosphere on the mats!

Clare Chard and Richard Adamo

Our tutor was the well sought after Richard Adamo. Richard is one of the top tutors in the BWY and is also the Chair of the BWY Training Committee. We were all soon aware that this session wasn't going to be easy... the theme being binding poses ... and we were bound! I think we twisted every part of the body that could be twisted and held. It was fun, yet with a very serious side. Richard left us 'rung out' but exhilarated.

Lunch time was spent basking in the glorious was unbeliev­able weather; then back to the 'lotions and potions' and the purchasing of items from the market place. The afternoon session focused on pranayama, which again was demanding and breathtaking (literally).

A good day was had by all and so, looking forward to next year when the host county will be Mid-West Glam, it will be up to the CR from that area to decide where the AGM will be held. The event has, for many years, been held in mid-Wales, being central to all Wales in the hope that all counties would get involved. However, we have found that the attendance has never been more than 40 and most of those coming from the south, with very little attendance from other members or non-members. Teachers please note: We welcome non-members to attend our AGM; how else can we attract members into the Wheel if we shut them out of our events. Please extend a welcome to all your class students to all our future events, courses and workshops.

I look forward to meeting you all again at future events and especially the proposed FESTIVAL OF YOGA to be held, next summer, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the British Wheel of Yoga.

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