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Information about this website

The website aims to present information in an easily accessible manner.
There are two main sections: one publicly accessible; the other for BWY Wales Region members only.

Our Region

In these pages you will find telephone and e-mail contacts for Regional Committee members and County Representatives. Members' e-mail addresses are not publicly displayed or accessible anywhere on the website and will not generate 'spam' mail.

News and Information

The News & information page is intended to be the main source of up-to-date yoga news and information in the Region, so you should visit it regularly! Important items of information about events in the Region, reports about recent activities and committee meetings, changes to BWY policy etc will be posted on this page and updated frequently.

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Yoga Events, Seminars & Workshops

This section gives information about Yoga events. From a dropdown select box you may choose to display events in chronological order or by county, or display only In-Service Training or First Aid events.

Information about each event
The initial listing gives brief details of each event, including the number of available places, and the IST number where applicable. Clicking the blue more information link displays more detailed inform­ation and may include brief biographical information about the tutor, downloadable pre-course information where provided, and a detailed programme of the event. Clicking the blue postcode hyperlink will open a Google map of the event location in a separate widow.

Booking form
Within the more information box, a booking form link in the top right corner opens a second window with a booking form for the event. On inputting your full BWY membership mumber, the form will be populated with your contact details as held in your membership record. You may then print out the form to mail with your cheque to the organiser whose contact details will be printed on the form.
Please note that there will be a booking form link only if the event is promoted by BWY Wales region.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the form may take a few seconds to appear. Also, depending on which browser you use, you may need to save the form to your computer before opening or printing it.

Confirmation of booking
If the event is promoted by BWY Wales region, E-mail confirmation of your booking will be automatically sent to you as soon as the organiser has received your cheque and booking form. For other events, you should receive confirmation from the relevant organiser.

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Yoga Classes

The Yoga classes section is the main source of information about yoga classes in the Region. Classes listed here have been registered on the website by BWY teachers, and are listed by county, postcode and class type. You may refine your search by restricting it to a particular county, or type of class.
More comprehensive teacher listings can be found on the national British Wheel of Yoga website.

Venue location
Clicking the blue postcode hyperlink will open a Google map of the class location in a separate widow.

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These pages give an overview of BWY-run training opportunities in the Region. More important information of relevance to teachers, including CPD guidelines and important information about Child Protection issues, may be found in the Teachers pages of the Members Only section.

BWY Wales Members Only Section

This area of the website is accessed by inputting your full BWY membership number and has two levels of access: one for ordinary members, and one for teachers.

All Regional members may update the contact details that are held in their BWY membership record and used for authentification purposes on this website. Significant updates will be sent to BWY head office to amend the main membership record.

Teachers may submit classes for display on the Yoga Classes page and update or delete those listings, register as Locum Teachers and, where qualified, register their names for display in RTPO and FCA listings.

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